Soldering is Easy!

Soldering is Easy!

If you haven’t read the awesome Soldering is Easy! comic yet, please do! You will soon find out what a great resource it is for both you and all the people you’ll ever try to learn how to solder. It’s released under a Creative Commons License, so you are free to do whatever you want with it. Print it, copy it, translate it and distribute it freely! Even use it as curriculum for your science or hand crafting class. I will hang this up in our hackerspace and mail it to every technician at work (they just ruined a soldering tip I replaced one week ago).

As always, when people spend a lot of time making things freely available for everyone, they deserve some real credit.
The creators of this book are

Mitch Altman “Soldering Wisdom”, creater of the way popular TV-B-Gone, which remotely switches off (or on) almost ANY TV set. How about that annoying commercial running on the TV at the doctors waiting room? Or just prank your friends next time you’re visiting? He also makes several other products and is a huge contributer to the Make/DIY community in every way he possibly can, so be sure to check out his site

Andie Nordgren “Comics Adaption”, works for CCP Games, and co-founder of Geek Girl Meetup. GGM is a recurring conference for girls in web development, software, hardware and technology. It’s intention is to pull tech girls out of their workplace, be social, learn new stuff, teach new stuff, and contribute to geek girls acknowledgement. Awesome!

Jeff Keyzer “Layout and Editing”, One of the first people I started following when I got into electronics. He really is contributing in every way I know possible in todays Maker community, by running a blog, guest-hosting The Amp Hour podcast, traveling short and abroad to attend meet-ups and faires etc. Must mention, Wi-fi radio and geiger counter, both Open Source, two great projects/products.

For Norwegian readers, here is my Norwegian translation of the comic Soldering is Easy!, Det Er Enkelt å Lodde!”
Download/Last ned

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