FPV.NO125 rev.1 – micro quadcopter frame

FPV.NO125 rev.1 – micro quadcopter frame

Update 1: PCBs are in and are looking good. Most traces have been tested OK. Will update again when I have all components mounted and tried to fly it. It’s been discovered an isolation distance problem on the mounting holes, if you use metal hardware you may short the + and – power planes for battery voltage  because they are on opposite sides of the PCB. Only nuts are too wide, standoffs and screws are okay, so if you use a nut only on the lower side it’s okay because you will only transfer battery negative through the standoff.

Short summary of the FPV.NO125 quadcopter frame.

The frame specifications and features is a collaboration between users of the Norwegian discussion forum FPV.no.
Rev. 1 is an open source project and future releases are likely also open source.

Motor to motor diagonally: 125 mm
Length: 110 mm
Width: 135 mm
Holes for spacers fits M2.5 diameter

All PCB construction, 2 layer (recommended PCB thickness: 2 mm).
Power and signal distribution for ESCs.
Battery connection fits XT30 (not XT60) connector.
CC3D Atom directly pluggable.
Micro Minim OSD directly pluggable.
Footprint for cheap 5v SBEC.
Video signals and video power routed from front to back.
Buzzer with driver circuit.
WS2812B addressable RGB LEDs.
Fits 1105 and 1104 size brushless motors with diagonal hole spacing 9 mm.

Additional information:
Positive and negative battery voltage in each of the two power planes. Positive on top, negative on bottom.
Solder jumper on underside lets you switch the rx/tx lines from OSD to either flight controller or FTDI header for easier programming of the OSD.
If using Eagle CAD v7.2 or above, choose Exellon_24 instead of Exellon in the DrillsHoles tab or else holes will be incorrectly scaled.

Known issues:
Some misalignment on BEC footprint. But will work good as SMD mount or with wires instead of pins.
ESC signal marking is wrong (S2 and S3 switched place) but connection is correct.
Could go for a smaller buzzer, current one is standard 12 mm.
Layer 52 bDocu was mistakenly not chosen for gerber file generation, so LED numbering is not part of bottom silkscreen.

Design files (Eagle CAD) and gerber output of rev. 1 can be downloaded here: FPV.NO PCB rev.1 (separate PDF schematic here)
The files are as they were when sent to production. The first batch is not yet received (Oct. 11, 2015) and is not tested. This page will be updated when tested.

FPV.NO125 rev.1 top side FPV.NO125 rev.1 bottom side



IMG_20151030_172930 IMG_20151030_163341 IMG_20151030_181850

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