The arrival of the tiny beast, Proxxon MF70

The arrival of the tiny beast, Proxxon MF70

Okay, so this is really just a show-off post. I ordered this machine through my current part-time workplace after drooling over images of it since the end of summer 2010. It’s a miniature milling machine which features 3 play-free manually adjustable axes and 0,05 mm “resolution” on the handles. It has a balanced DC motor capable of running at up to 20000 rpm with no vibration, and a minimum speed of 5000 rpm.

I guess it’s my fascination over small things, or miniature versions of bigger things, which made me want this machine so bad. And I am so pleased with it! I have only gotten to play with it for a few hours yet, and the only downside is the Z axis being hard to adjust to have no play while the handle can still be operated by a human…

There are several articles, blog posts and discussion boards who show you have easy this can be CNC converted. Of course I will have to do this my self, I just need to figure out how to approach it as there are MANY good ideas out there, one more complex than the other. Here is a link to a blog post that shows a very comprehensive modification of the MF70 Retromaster’s Electronics Projects, MF70 CNC. Most of his modifications to the MF70 makes sense to me, so hopefully I will be able to carry out most of them on my machine. Also be sure to check out his other projects!

I’ll finish it off with some pictures

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  1. Nice tool! How much did you have to pay for it, if I may ask?

  2. Hi! Can this machine really handle aluminium alloys and other metals with precision and good finish?
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