How to get quadcopter down from a tree

How to get quadcopter down from a tree

We have found no solution for this yet…

It’s my friends quad. It got there trying out the failsafe function, it’s supposed to spin the props at a speed which will descend the quad softly while leveling it. The failsafe speed set to “MINTHROTTLE + 200” equals 1350  (which is 1350 microseconds ppm pulses to the ESC) atm. and made the quad simply lift up from the ground and put itself up in the tree.

The tree is roughly 30 meters high we think. Our plan is to get a fishing line stuck to the same branch as the quad so to shake the branch till the quad comes loose. So far we’ve tried

  • Fishing rod
  • Throwing stones attached to fishing line
  • Tennis racket and tennis ball attached to fishing line
  • Homemade sling shot shooting screws attached to fishing rod

We’ve had one climber giving up already, but we have two more volunteers who wants to try when it stops raining. The qaud has its one week anniversary in the tree tomorrow. But we also have some other ideas to try if our other climbers fail

  • Helium balloon with a hook which we can steer from the ground
  • Professional sling shots are on the way from china, I know by experience these can shoot far with reasonably accuracy.

Any other suggestions are kindly appreciated.

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  1. Short blog post on my friends quadcopter stuck in a tree

  2. Hi there – did you find a method that worked to get the quad down? I have precisely the same proble and at the moment I am thinking that a chainsaw might be the only viable option! Cheers, Kenton

  3. Mine is also stuck in a tree at about 35 feet up. I plan to buy some 1 inch PVC conduit (10 foot lengths) from the Home Depot and an appropriate number of 1 inch PVC conduit joiners. I will cut the PVC in 5 foot lengths and assemble at the tree to a length that will reach. PVC conduit is pretty rigid, but not sure if it will allow me to make a 30 foot pole that I can handle by myself. Should get me where I can push the copter off the branch and try to catch it. Wish me luck!!

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