My first repair job, LG LCD TV didn’t turn fully on.

Gladly, I was able to fix this TV with some hints I have gotten from somewhere I don’t remember. When the owner presented me with the fault (it would sometimes not turn fully on, most of the time not at all) I knew it would probably be some big filter capacitors on the power supply. I think I’ve read this on the all about circuits forum. So I got the TV and opened up the back cover.

Then goes the protection cover for the main board and power supply unit.

The power supply is the PCB on the left, with the big heatsinks and capacitors. It is always a good thing to photograph a job like this before you disconnect everything, so you can more easier reassemble it. On the top near one of the output pins I found four bulging capacitors, 2 x 1000uF 25V and 2 x 1000uF 35V. I replaced all four with 1000uF 35V, as the 50V ones I could buy would not fit inside the power supply housing (you should always consider increasing the voltage tolerance when replacing blown capacitors).

The old ones, bulging at the top.
The four new ones.
With lots of flux the old solder didn’t make to much mess when re-soldering.

The TV was as good as new!