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I’m sorry to not include all of you, it’s really hard to keep track of everyone helping me! Please give me a note and I’ll put you on my list. Here is the list so far:
Thanks to
Hanna Hovdan Larssen
Lene Forfang Paterson
Einar Foss
Henriette Kristiansen
Gaute Baardsen
Kjetil Soot
Olof-Martin B. Østberg
Kristian Greve Hagen
Espen Edvardsen
Torkel Eggen
Torild R. Kristiansen
Ida Burvang
Finn Erik Hegerstrøm
Ingunn Sandaker
Bertil Palm
Janne Stryken
Edward Sandaker Palm
Halvor Stokke
Kine Utrimark
Astrid Sjolshagen
Torbjørn S. Andersen
Anniken Krogh
Valdis Kringberg
Alexander Andersen
Kathrine Ruud
Jan Krogh
and Erlend Palm
for spreading the word on facebook!

Thanks to, for letting my post stay up to the bitter end (I hope), to Saab Turbo Club of Sweden and a BIG thanks to Saab Turbo Club of Norway for helping me out spreading the word all across their site.
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As I am writing this, my old Nissan Micra has just had it’s fifth or so flat tyre. The car is shit, and has never done me anything good. All it does is breaking down in the middle of the street and take ages to start. We’re talking 30+ minutes here! It seems to suffer from the “dreaded timing chain”-problem which are common on these models, and this is my chance to win a brand new car so I don’t have to pay $4000 for a repair. Those figures are not over exaggerated, car repairs in Norway costs very much.

All you have to do is go to, go to “most popular” and vote for my car by pressing the thumbs up icon! It looks like this

I am writing this blog post because facebook, twitter, emailing the whole engineering department, asking on forums and what not does not seem to cut it. I have over 1000 votes, and still contestants suddenly just pop up and take first and second place with 1400+ votes in the blink of an eye. I need a serious increase in vote count to win this! I know I have promised this were to be an engineering/electronics blog only, but I am desperate to win this competition and I need your help. The post will be deleted right after the competition is over.

Now that I am writing this, I want to take some time and thank everyone who has helped me spread the word on facebook, forwarding my email and retweeting my begging on twitter, you know who you are and I am seriously grateful for your help!

Now help me win this car :)

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  1. My residence have voted for you, wish you the best of luck.

  2. our condolences goes out to you. best of luck

  3. Hehe, lykke til. Spredd på facebook, msn og inlegg på bloggen!

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